Vanier Scholars 2024

Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Agarwal, Arnav
Photo courtesy of: Brandon Kaiser (McMaster University)
McMaster University Health Research Living clinical practice guideline on drugs for type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Atallah, Aline
McGill University Cancer The functional complexities of macrophage ontogeny in glioblastoma outcomes.

Au-Yeung, Christy
Photo courtesy of: Jonathan Fan & Zachary Tang
McGill University Mental Health Understanding and Treating Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders: A Cognitive Lens.

Aynalem, Yared
Photo courtesy of: SUB Photo | Studio
University of Alberta Health Research Exploring Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Preconception Care.

Banijamali, Razieh Sadat
University of British Columbia Cancer Enhancing Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Therapeutics with Oncolytic Virotherapy.

Brenna, Connor
University of Toronto Nervous System Targeting GABA-A receptors to treat depression with nitrous oxide.

Byun, Jae Hyun
McGill University Cardiovascular Identifying the Role of Sex Hormones in Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque Instability.

Cerquera-Cleves, Catalina
Photo courtesy of: Idris PhotoCenter, Quebec City
Université Laval Nervous system A novel blood biomarker to diagnose and predict evolution in Parkinson's disease.

Chahine, Nour
McGill University Nervous System Circuit-Behavior Analysis of Fragile X ASD/ID Rat Model Through the Head-Direction System.

Chen, Judy
McGill University Imaging Towards lifespan approaches for epilepsy biomarker discovery and validation.

Cook, Claire
University of Toronto Population Health Reproductive health, chronic disease, and aging: examining menarche, obesity, and diabetes across the life course among postmenopausal women.

Demchenko, Ilya
Photo courtesy of: Thomas Bui
University of Toronto Mental Health Evaluation of therapeutic potential and target engagement of the subgenual anterior cingulate cortex in major depressive disorder with temporal interference stimulation: a pilot randomized controlled trial.

Demmers, Théa
Université de Montréal Population Health #WeFeedYou, and yet…: Factors shaping temporary migrant workers' food security and health in Quebec's agri-food system.

Deng, Mimi
University of Toronto Cardiovascular "Moving beyond the Ice Age" - Optimization of cardiac allograft through temperature-controlled storage and ex-vivo perfusion and assessment.

Dutt, Monika
Photo courtesy of:
Steven Ma
McMaster University Population Health The Policy Intersection of Work and Public Health: Paid Sick Leave as a way to Strengthen Evidence-Informed Decision-Making to Improve Health Equity and Population Health.

Ellenbogen, Yosef
University of Toronto Cancer Dissecting the determinants and dynamics of cellular states promoting glioma evolution.

El-Andari, Ryaan
University of Alberta Immunology-Transplantation Advancements in Negative Pressure Ventilation Ex Situ Lung Perfusion and Lung Transplantation.

Erkut, Esra
University of Toronto Genetics Investigating conserved non-coding elements in cardiac development and congenital heart disease.

Fathi, Homa
Photo courtesy of: Mehrnoosh Alborzi
McGill University Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Towards structural competency in health care: how Iranian-heritage healthcare professionals in Canada have changed their perspectives following the Woman-Life-Freedom movement.

Gagnon, William
Photo courtesy of: Votre Studio Créatif/Marc-Antoine Dubé
Université Laval Metabolism/Diabetes Cibler l‘hydroxylation des acides aminés à chaine ramifiée pour prévenir la résistance à l'insuline et la stéatose hépatique.

Gascon, Bryan
University of Toronto International Health Improving the early detection and diagnosis of childhood cancers in Cameroon: An evaluation of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of an adapted early warning signs and symptoms (EWSS) intervention.

Grubic, Nicholas
University of Toronto Cardiovascular Examining the relationship between psychological well-being and cardiovascular health in young adults.

Guan, Dylan
University of Calgary Aging Understanding non-cognitive markers of dementia to enhance prognostication and risk assessment.

Gui, Chloe
University of Toronto Cancer Characterizing the chordoma immune microenvironment and multiomic analysis of its response to EGFR and CDK4/6 inhibitors.

Halvorson, Torin
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Manjurul Haque, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Levings Lab, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute
University of British Columbia Immunology-Transplantation Development of MHC Class II-targeted chimeric antigen receptor regulatory T cell therapies for solid organ transplantation.

Henderson, Nancy
Photo courtesy of: Negative Nancy Photography
University of Victoria Nursing The facilitators, barriers, and outcomes of non-prescribed safer supply in a large urban centre: A case study of a grassroots, community-led model.

Hendry, Jorden
University of British Columbia Population Health Measuring & Responding to Racism in Public Health: Evaluating Tools, Identifying Indicators, and Assessing Leadership Readiness in British Columbia.

Imtiaz, Tashifa
Photo courtesy of: Lubnaa Hossenbaccus
Queen's University Cancer miRNA-375 as a Diagnostic and Regulatory Marker in Common Neuroendocrine Neoplasms.

Jacobsen, Kai
University of British Columbia Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Improving Gender-Affirming Health Care for Trans People by Promoting Gender Euphoria.

Karim, Jalisa
University of British Columbia Reproduction/Pregnancy Endometriosis Treatments and Pregnancy Outcomes: Associations and Experiences.

Kirkham, Aidan
Photo courtesy of: Hollydays Videography
University of Ottawa Cardiovascular/Cardiovasculaire Improving Prescription Adherence to Guideline-Recommended Cardiovascular Medications for Ontarians with Peripheral Artery Disease: A Multi-Phased, Mixed-Methods Study.

Kolen, Krishna
Photo courtesy of: David Stobbe
University of Saskatchewan Environmental Influences On Health Developing an early warning tool: Braiding Indigenous and Western science to mitigate differential exposure to and reduce health risks of drought-induced poor air quality.

Kooshki Zamani, Nika
Université de Sherbrooke Cancer Advancing the Development of Oncolytic Viruses for Enhanced Efficacy and Safety.

Lavoie, Olivier
Université Laval Metabolism/Diabetes Caractérisation fonctionnelle et électrophysiologique d'une nouvelle population de neurones GABAergiques de l'hypothalamus impliquée dans le métabolisme énergétique.

Luszawski, Caroline
Photo courtesy of:
Claire Sheehy
University of Calgary Health Research The Relationship of Sleep Problems, Socioemotional Functioning, and Post-Concussion Symptoms During Recovery from Pediatric Concussion.

Magrill, Jamie
Photo courtesy of: Diana Berry, Goodman Cancer Institutel
McGill University Cancer Identification of biomarkers using single cell technology that inform on targeted and immune therapy treatment in melanoma.

Malecki, Sarah
Photo courtesy of: Marielle Boutin, Communications, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
University of Toronto Health Services Research Adult impact of complex childhood-onset diseases

Mistry, Priya
University of Toronto Cardiovascular Investigating How the Tumour Immune Microenvironment Predisposes the Cardiovascular System to Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiotoxicity.

Murphy, Dallas
University of Manitoba Mental Health Development and pilot study of a pre-treatment intervention to increase engagement and symptom reduction of low-intensity psychotherapeutic interventions.

Nahwegahbow, Amy
University of Waterloo Environmental Influences On Health Assessing environmental exposures, socio-cultural vulnerabilities, and health impacts of contaminants from industrial pollution in northern First Nations communities.

Nguyen, David-Dan
University of Toronto Health Services Research Enhancing equity and mitigating overdiagnosis of prostate cancer through the development and evaluation of machine learning-driven organized prostate cancer screening policies.

Okedo-Alex, Ijeoma
University of British Columbia Population Health Patterns, drivers, and policy responses to emergent forms of violence against healthcare workers in Nigeria.

Olaoye, Omotayo
McGill University Population Health Prescribing Trends of Central Nervous System Depressants and the Risk of Adverse Respiratory Events in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Poliakova, Tetiana
Photo courtesy of: Paul Joseph/UBC Brand & Marketing
University of British Columbia Nervous System Understanding how reconstitution of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) expression affects amyloid and cerebrovascular pathologies in mouse models of Alzheimer's Disease.

Postill, Gemma
University of Toronto Health Services Research Evaluating Long-term Outcomes Among Older Adults with Severe Injury in Ontario to Improve Post-Trauma Care.

Reddy, Bhavya
University of British Columbia Health Services Research Examining mistreatment during childbirth in Canada: Patterns and risk factors in a national study of patient-reported experience of care.

Taifour, Tarek
McGill University Cancer Investigating the role of Chi3l1 in non-small cell lung cancer progression and resistance to immunotherapies.

Tailor, Lauren
University of Toronto Reproduction/Pregnancy Examining the Association Between Prenatal Antidepressant Exposure and the Incidence of Childhood Cardiometabolic Diseases.

Tanguay-Sabourin, Christophe
Université de Montréal Population Health Understanding the Spread of Pain: An Integrative Genomic and Neurophysiological Study.

Towriss, Morgan
University of British Columbia Biochemistry Microglial innate immune memory in health and disease.

Wang, Xue Qi
University of British Columbia Cancer Advancing Beyond Doxorubicin: A Comprehensive Drug Screening Approach to Improve Synovial Sarcoma Treatment.

Wennberg, Erica
Photo courtesy of:
Sophie Austin
University of Toronto Health Research Exploring the accessibility and quality of virtual mental health care among youth and young adults with mental health needs.

White, Chloe
Simon Fraser University Mental Health Can a single session intervention decrease eating disorder symptoms in at-risk university students? A pilot study.

Wiley, Bevin
Photo courtesy of: University of Calgary
University of Calgary Nervous System Transcranial magnetic stimulation in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: Electric field modelling and novel treatment targets.

Zhu, Raffles Xingqi
McGill University Vision Investigating the internal spatial noise in normal and amblyopic vision using an equivalent noise paradigm.
Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Adebayo, Philip
Photo courtesy of: Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Calgary
University of Calgary Civil and Mechanical Engineering -Mechanical Engineering Modeling and Optimization of Solar-Assisted Ground Source Heat Pump Systems with and Without Thermal Energy Storage for Cold Climates.

Adelusi, Oluwaseunnla
Photo courtesy of: Nelson Okosun
Université de Sherbrooke Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Redefining Waste: Advances in Torrefaction and Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste for Clean Energy Generation.

Agrawal, Mohan
Photo courtesy of:
Kit Gerodias
McGill University Physics and Astronomy- Astronomy And Astrophysics Development of a new radio telescope to obtain the world's first high-resolution maps of the low-frequency radio sky and probe the cosmic dark ages.

Anderson, Chantelle
University of Calgary Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Hyperspectral Imaging as a Tool to Characterize and Detect Atopic Dermatitis in Indigenous Children and Youth.

Barrell, Hailey
Photo courtesy of: University of Calgary
University of Calgary Cellular And Molecular Biology-Biochemistry Biochemical elucidation and bio-engineering of helenalin with a unique pseudoguaianolide backbone from Arnica plants.

Beagley, Aren
Photo courtesy of: Oliver Choquette
University of Victoria Civil and Mechanical Engineering -Mechanical Engineering Development of an Extensible Statistical and Computational Modelling Framework to Study the Biomechanical Effects of Variable Tissue Properties in Healthy and Disease Affected Subjects.

Bédard, Camille
Université Laval Cellular and Molecular Biology-Cell Biology Cartographie et prédiction de l’impact des mutations dans Erg11 de pathogènes fongiques: de nouvelles ressources pour lutter contre la résistance aux antifongiques et fongicides de la classe des azoles.

Bischof, Grace
York University Physics and Astronomy - Space Science Characterizing Inter-Crater Dust Dynamics in Gale Crater, Mars in Preparation of Human Exploration.

Caminiti, Jacqueline
Photo courtesy of: Gabriela Secara, Senior Graphic Designer at Perimeter Institute
University of Waterloo Physics and Astronomy - Physics Illuminating AdS/CFT and flat holography with quantum information perspectives and techniques.

Capkun-Huot, Catherine
Photo courtesy of: Noémie Gourde-Bouchard
Université Laval Evolution and Ecology – Animal Ecology Dynamique des populations dans un contexte de changements climatiques et de crise de la biodiversité : étude du cas de l'ours noir (Ursus americanus) par des modèles intégrés d’espace et d’état et des prédictions itératives à court terme.

Cosby, Alexandria
University of Guelph Evolution and Ecology - Animal Ecology Geographical and Temporal Variation in Myotis lucifugus (Little Brown Bat) Foraging Behaviour.

Darabundit, Champ
McGill University Civil and Mechanical Engineering -Mechanical Engineering Estimation of woodwind playing parameters using hybrid physics-machine learning models.

d'Astous, Élodie
Université de Sherbrooke Chemistry – Analytical Chemistry Development of a Generalizable Sensing Platform in Complex Matrices Using Electrochemical Host-Guest Chemistry.

de Lima Vargas Simoes, Caroline
Photo courtesy of: Perimeter Institute/Gabriela Secara
University of Waterloo Physics and Astronomy - Theoretical Physics And Chemistry Why does matter not like to be packed? A quantum information perspective of the difference between fermions and bosons.

deGooyer, Jack
University of Waterloo Electrical Engineering - Integrated Circuits A 400kHz Ultra-low Noise Readout Integrated Circuit for a Novel Metamaterial Photodetector.

Ewaniuk, Jacob
Queen's University Physics and Astronomy - Optics Large-Scale Entanglement Generation using Quantum Photonic Neural Networks.

Falet, Jean-Pierre
Université de Montréal Computer Sciences – Artificial Intelligence Integrating Human-Like Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence Systems.

Fleming, Morgan
University of Saskatchewan Cellular and Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Investigating Dietary Phenolic Function and Synergy: Impacts on Human Female (XX) and Male (XY) Primary Fibroblast Intracellular Stress, Genome Organization and Function.

Floreani, Erica
Photo courtesy of:
Kaja Altosaar
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Translatable Hybrid Brain-Computer Interfaces: Utilizing peripheral physiological signals to augment accuracy, reliability and learning in brain-computer interfaces for access and control.

Giguère, Cloé
Université Laval Physics and Astronomy – Physics Conception et validation d’un système de dosimétrie à scintillation adapté aux nouvelles approches de radiothérapie.

Golzari-Sorkheh, Mahdieh
University of Toronto Cellular and Molecular Biology- Immunology In vitro generation of regulatory CD4+ T lineage cells from human stem cells.

Gonzalez Martinez, David
McMaster University Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Building dynamic lung models via 3D bioprinting and magnetic stretching.

Goulet, Nicholas
University of Ottawa Cellular and Molecular Biology-Cell Biology Characterizing the Regulation of Autophagy under Intermittent Hypoxemia Stress.

Hebert, Liam
University of Waterloo Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Community and Discussion Oriented Multi-Modal Deep Learning for Contextual Hate Speech Detection on Social Media.

Hegarty-Cremer, Solène
Photo courtesy of: Véronique Lavoie
Université de Montréal Mathematical Sciences – Applied Mathematics Using within-host mechanical modelling and virtual patient cohorts to identify key risk factors for severe disease in influenza.

Hodgins, Harold
Photo courtesy of: University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo Computing Sciences - Software and Development Exploring previously unexplorable genomic landscapes with SRAminer.

Huraka, Sofiia
University of Alberta Mathematical Sciences- Applied Mathematics Data-based computing of systems with symmetries.

Jackson, Shayla
Photo courtesy of:
Karen Whylie
University of Guelph Evolution and Ecology - Animal Ecology The interplay between parasitism and nutritional limitation in caribou (Rangifer tarandus).

Khaniya, Bhabishya
Photo courtesy of:
Arun Baral
University of Toronto Civil and Mechanical Engineering-Environmental Engineering Hydraulic Functionality of Green Stormwater Infrastructures within the Road Right-of-Way.

Khoomortezaei, Sadaf
Polytechnique Montréal Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering Surface Modification of Conductive Polymers as an Ultra-High-Capacity Binder Free Anode Material for Li-ion Batteries.

Krawciw, Alexander
Photo courtesy of: Dewey Chang Photography
University of Toronto Computing Sciences- Robotics Unsupervised Continuous Machine Learning for Adaptable Mobile Robotic Fleets.

Kroezen, Zachary
Photo courtesy of: McMaster University
McMaster University Chemistry – Analytical Chemistry New Advances in Metabolomics Using Capillary Electrophoresis- and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for Biochemical Insights into Early Exposures Associated with Childhood Obesity.

Legare, Sierra
Queen's University Civil and Mechanical Engineering -Fluid Mechanics Modelling the Transport of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)  by Wind-Driven Turbulence in Lakes.

Li, David
Photo courtesy of:
Dewey Chang
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Hydrogel-nanoparticle composite system for the local co-delivery of stem cells with protein therapeutics to the central nervous system.

Li, Mengqi
Polytechnique Montréal Computing Sciences – Robotics Assemblage coopératif avec robots mobiles.
Maho, Tea University of Toronto Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Dentomandibular diversity in early Permian tetrapods, highlighting patterns of pathology.

Mamchur, Yaryna
University of Ottawa Physics and Astronomy - Optics Controlling Quantum Light Emission using Magneto-optic effects in Hollow Nanocone Metamaterials.

Munday, James
Photo courtesy of: Gabriela Secara, Perimeter Institute
University of Toronto Mathematical Sciences- Applied Mathematics Towards a Mathematical Description of String Theory in Our Universe.

Odinotski, Sarah
University of Waterloo Electrical Engineering - Photon Devices Semiconductor Metamaterial Photodetectors for Intraoperative Tumour Margin Detection.

Ouellet, Benjamin
Université Laval Cellular and Molecular Biology – Biochemistry Conception de biodiesel de performances optimales au moyen de l'ingénierie génétique dans la levure oléagineuse Yarrowia lipolytica.

Pathy, Abhijeet
Photo courtesy of: Francis Scaria
University of Alberta Earth Sciences - Soil Science Remediation Of A Hydrocarbon Contaminated Peatland Using Biochar.

Postuma, Alicia
Photo courtesy of:
Emma Chuckry
University of Regina Physics and Astronomy - Particle Physics A New Angle Into the Proton: Investigating Proton Structure with Backwards Meson Production.

Pouliot, Gabriel
Université de Sherbrooke Electrical Engineering – Electrical and Electronic Engineering Développement et calibration de modèles mathématiques pour les batteries lithium-ion comprenant des mécanismes de vieillissement représentatifs.

Prasad, Akansha
Photo courtesy of: Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University
McMaster University Plant and Animal Biology - Food Science and Technology Developing Real-time Smart Food Spoilage Sensors to Tackle Food Insecurity.

Qiu, Yi
University of Toronto Cellular and Molecular Biology-Biochemistry Mechanism of mutational bias in homology-directed repair of DNA double-stranded breaks.

Ramírez Suárez, Anna Caridys
Photo courtesy of: Nathalie St-Pierre, Conceptrice visuelle, UQAM
Université du Québec à Montréal Cellular and Molecular Biology – Genetics Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Morphogenesis During Development.

Rathnayake, Sujani
University of Guelph Cellular and Molecular Biology- Microbiology Assessment of Fusarium Mycotoxin Detoxification by Prioritized Proteins in Canadian Wheat Varieties.

Sandhu, Pawanjit
University of British Columbia Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry Developing a mass-spectrometry based metabolomics toolbox for discovery, identification and quantification of non-protein amino acids.

Schérer, Hugo
McGill University Physics and Astronomy- Astronomy and Astrophysics Cosmological and astrophysical searches for dark matter through in-medium effects.

Semnani, Pardis
University of British Columbia Mathematical Sciences - Applied Mathematics Causal Inference and Density Estimation.

Taroian, Grigorii
University of Toronto Mathematical Sciences- Pure Mathematics Hidden symmetries: building deformation theory of derived differentiable stacks.

Trépanier, Marie-Pier
Photo courtesy of: Ludovic Gauthier
Université Laval Civil and Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Repenser l’habitation du futur : modélisation et optimisation de la conception, de la rénovation et de l’intégration des énergies renouvelables en tenant compte de l’impact du changement climatique et des principes de justice énergétique.

Trolio, Michael
Queen's University Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry The Removal of Interferences Using a Greener Approach to Sample Introduction in Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Analysis.

Wu, Victoria
University of British Columbia Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Using foundational models and visual prompting for echocardiogram analysis.

Yang, Jiami
Photo courtesy of: Concordia University
Concordia University Civil and Mechanical Engineering -Industrial Engineering Unearthing Human Behavior Patterns from Textual Data for Sustainable Product Design.

Yedire, Sripadh Guptha
McGill University Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering An integrated epi-fluidic wearable platform for non-invasive multianalyte sensing in skin-derived biofluids via Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.
Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Abellan Almenara, Meritxell
Université de Montréal Criminology La (double) peine des non-citoyens : étude des représentations et des pratiques des acteurs du système de justice pénale à la lumière de l'interdiction de territoire pour motif de criminalité.

Babu, Rasel
Photo courtesy of: Shamnaz Arifin Mim
McGill University Education  Pedagogues' Readiness to Integrate Educational Technology for Teaching Language and Mathematics in Bangladeshi Secondary Classrooms.

Bahrami, Shaghayegh
Simon Fraser University Education  Grassroots language reclamation with bilingual rural Iranian teachers: Re-storying social identity for transformational practice.

Begum, Momtaz
University of Toronto Interdisciplinary Studies An intersectional political economy perspective to understand how social and economic policies influence the employment experiences and health inequalities among marginalized workers in Canada.

Bell, Antoney
Photo courtesy of: Paul Fournier Photographe
University of Toronto History Between two worlds: Métissage, Codes Noirs, and the Making of Racial Identity in New France and Colonial Louisiana, 1668-1840.

Bois, Émmy
Photo courtesy of: Jade Bernier Photographie
Université de Sherbrooke History Une réaction féodale laurentienne? La régulation étatique et juridique des rapports seigneuriaux, 1764-1854.

Boudreault, Richard
Photo courtesy of:
Photo Dynamique
Université de Sherbrooke Management, Business, Administrative Studies Obstacles Psychologiques, Émotions, Résilience et Diversité en Gouvernance : Influences sur la Prise de Décision en Vue de la Réduction des Émissions de Gaz à Effet de Serre dans les Entreprises Publiques du Québec.

Bustillo, Tania
Université du Québec à Montréal Philosophy Pour une approche décoloniale de l'esprit : conception(s) décoloniale(s) de l'esprit incarné.

Calzavara, Alexandra
Photo courtesy of:
Jamie Thomson
University of Toronto Sociology “Stepping up to do the right thing”: The Impact of Moralizing Language in Science Discourse Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada.

Chung, Hiu Fung
University of Toronto Communications and Media Studies Emotion Artificial Intelligence, (Non-)human Labour and Care Economy in East Asia: A Qualitative Study of Mental Health AI Technologies in Hong Kong.

Couture, Beatrice
Université de Montréal  History Célébrer les saint·e·s : une histoire sociale de la culture festive en Italie du haut Moyen Âge (VIe-VIIIe s.).

Custer, Andrea
Photo courtesy of:
Holly Custer
University of Victoria Education Cree-English Language Shift Among Cree-Speaking Parents: Implications for Language Revitalization.

De Sousa, Deziray
Université du Québec à Montréal Psychology The examination of controlling behaviours in adolescent dating relationships: Gaining a deeper understanding of common tactics present as well as risk factors for its perpetration.

Feng, Lanya
University of Toronto History  Imagining "Blackness" in Modern China: Soldiers, Seamen, Musicians, and Anti-imperialist Struggles, 1850-1950.

Fuentes Bernal, Javi
Photo courtesy of: Amélie Philibert/Université de Montréal
Université de Montréal Social Work L'apport du savoir expérientiel dans l'intervention par les auprès des personnes trans migrantes.

Gauthier-Boiteau, Delphine
Photo courtesy of: Antoine Vogler
University of Ottawa Law Du contrôle social des mères par le droit : une analyse intersystémique de l'intervention judiciaire en droit de la protection de la jeunesse, en droit psychiatrique et en droit pénal à partir des représentations et expériences de mères qui se trouvent ou qui se sont trouvées à l'intersection de ces prises en charge.

Germain, Sara
Université du Québec à Montréal Communications and Media Studies Les groupes féministes issus de la diaspora russophone au Canada et la contestation des normes patriarcales dans la Fédération de Russie à travers les technologies numériques.

Ghorbani, Hajar
Photo courtesy of: Behrang Nikaeen
University of Alberta Anthropology Dead Bodies' Agency in Iran and Western Politics: The Woman, Life, Freedom Movement in Iran and its International Political Impacts.

Godin, Julie
Photo courtesy of: Cassandra Fournier
University of Ottawa Social Work L'influence de la grossophobie et des violences sexuelles sur le rapport au corps des femmes adultes du Québec.

Hall, Catherine
University of Guelph Psychology Mobility Aids and Disability Empowerment: The Subjective Experience of Mobility Use.

Heggie, Clare
University of New Brunswick Interdisciplinary Studies Identifying the reproductive health needs of criminalized women: A qualitative study.

Hussaina, Hebah
Photo courtesy of:
Alia Youssef
University of British Columbia Psychology A community-based participatory action research project exploring the co-development, implementation, and evaluation of outdoor engagement opportunities in school to support youth well-being.

Irvine-Broque, Audrey
Photo courtesy of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation
University of British Columbia Geography Rising oceans, dying reefs, sustainable loan sharks? Managing sovereign debt as a driver of ecological crisis.

Khandelwal, Chetna
Photo courtesy of: University of Calgary
University of Calgary Sociology Technology in Marginalised Activism: An exploration of resilience and resistance of women protestors in Canada, India, and the USA.

Laframboise, Lauren
Concordia University History The Gendered Pathways of Decline: Lived Experiences of Deindustrialization in Montreal and New York's Garment Industries.

Lamers, Joshua
Photo courtesy of:
Falton Narro
York University Social Work The Golden Ticket? Black Adoptees, Transracial Adoption and Rethinking Legal Adoption.

Lawson, Emily
University of British Columbia Philosophy Deathbed Aesthetics: Rasa Theory and Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Dying.

Leblanc-Huard, Gabrielle
Photo courtesy of:
Kim Roberge
Université Laval Social Work Grandir dans la douleur : une étude qualitative et participative sur la transition à la vie adulte des jeunes vivant avec de la douleur chronique.

Levasseur-Puhach, Sydney
Photo courtesy of: University of Manitoba
University of Manitoba Psychology Maawandoonan ('Bring Them Together') - Collaborative Reimagination: Indigenizing and Decolonizing Mental Health Care in Manitoba.

MacAllister-Caruso, Francesco
Photo courtesy of:
Melody Maloney
Concordia University Political Science  Democracy Beyond the Binary: A Mixed-Methods Study of the Political Representation of Two-Spirit, Trans, and Nonbinary People in Canadian Federal and Provincial Legislative Elections.

Marei, Abdullah
University of Toronto Social Psychology Does intergroup or intragroup contact decrease experiences of invisibility? A multi-method approach to examining and reducing queer people of colour's social invisibility.

Marsdin, Bridget
McMaster University Social Work Haudenosaunee Elders and youth from Six Nations of the Grand River seek to enhance sexual well-being in the community through a culturally responsive arts-based research collaboration.

Medina, Roberta
York University Interdisciplinary Studies Vertical Surveillance: Urban Police Use of Drone Technology in Brazil and Canada.

Mittertreiner, Em Jun Eng
Photo courtesy of: Toonasa Luggi, University of British Columbia
University of New Brunswick Psychology Understanding the Treatment Needs and Experiences of Gender-Diverse People with Eating Disorders: A Qualitative Study.

Mozessohn, Kerri
Memorial University of Newfoundland Psychology When Stigma About Sexuality and Addiction Collide: The Role of Identity Support for LGBTQ+ Youth in Addiction Recovery.

Obiagu, Adaobiagu
Photo courtesy of: Jennifer Chinenye Emelife
University of Toronto Education Decolonising Peace Education for Peacebuilding Citizenship in Nigeria: An Ethnography.

Odeh, Morris
Dalhousie University Law Towards Sustainable Development and Global Drug Equity: An Epistemological Exploration of the International Legal Framework for Food Security in Promoting Access to Essential Medicines in Sub-Saharan Africa.

O'Kane, Kiarah
University of British Columbia Psychology A multi-method examination of links between gender euphoria and sexual well-being in gender-diverse and cisgender individuals and couples.

Orang, Bahar
Queen's University Interdisciplinary Studies Understanding the Relationship Between Psychiatry and Policing in Canada: A Critical Genealogy of Acute Psychiatric Care at CAMH.

PteSanWin, Pahan
University of Manitoba History Kunsi Kci Mawani: Walking with Our Grandmothers.

Quintero, Romeo Joe
York University Geography  Building Liveable Futures in Camps: Everyday Placemaking Practices of Internally Displaced Women in the Southern Philippines.

Romm, Daniel
McGill University Geography  Sustainable and Equitable Transportation Outside the City: Using Micromobility to Connect to Regional Transit in Small Population Centres.

Rose, Gwen
University of Saskatchewan Literature and Modern Languages Transgender Modernisms: Locating the Transgender in Works by Gertrude Stein, Radclyffe Hall, and Djuna Barnes.

Sewepagaham, Sherryl
University of British Columbia Archival Science Nikamowin: Recapturing Song Practices with the Woodland Cree Language.

Sosa Hernandez, Linda-Paola
University of Guelph Psychology Interpersonal Emotion Dynamics in the Family.

Thibeault, Laura
Photo courtesy of: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation
Wilfrid Laurier University Social Work Infertility, Childlessness and Healing: Untold Stories from First Nations Women.

Tipler, Megan
University of Alberta Education Big auntie energy: Storying sâkihitowin and experiences of Indigenous aunties as a pathway for reimagining and rematriating educational practices.

Toorenburgh, Lydia
Photo courtesy of: Curtis Cameron Photography
University of Victoria Anthropology Métis 2SLGBTQIA+ Resurgence: Building a Cultural Bundle with Audio-Visual Methodologies.

Totten, Petra
University of Toronto Fine Arts Experiential Poesis: A Research-Creation Project Uncovering New Ways of Creating Trans*-Focused Nonfiction Cinema.

Tran, Cathy
Photo courtesy of: The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation
Simon Fraser University Anthropology Recovering Human DNA from Grave Sediments for Individual Identification of Human Remains.

Tsang, Conrad
Photo courtesy of: The Wilson Center, University of Toronto and University Health Network
University of Toronto Interdisciplinary Studies Inclusive excellence in MD admissions: access to capital and the inequities in academic assessment.

Valerio, Nakita
Photo courtesy of: Capture Keeps Photography
University of Alberta Religious Studies  Keepers of the Qur'an: Women's Religious Literacy & Leadership in Morocco.

Villeneuve-Dubuc, Marie-Pier
Université de Montréal Criminology Comprendre la dynamique collaborative entre les acteurs publics et privés impliqués dans l'enquête policière de cybercrimes : une étude comparative entre le Canada et l'Australie.

Yang, Michelle
Photo courtesy of:
Curtis Perry
University of Ottawa Interdisciplinary Studies "Nothing about us without us": Disability-Inclusive Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction Practice.

Yulmuk-Bray, Ketzali
Université du Québec à Montréal Literature and Modern Languages Fiction sous l'Anthropocène : usages critiques et pratiques de la littérature en sciences sociales (Despret, Hache, Haraway, Latour, Stengers, Tsing).
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